Blueboy Brown Comics #4. CRIME FAMILY

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This issue, The Crime Family Issue, focuses on the bunch that is Blueboy’s big problem, the Benders; a crime family of craven killers. Real murderin’ s.o.b.s. 

Issue, #1 & #2 & 3 will be available again during the Kickstarter campaign for #4. Eventually, we will expand production and open an online store here at Afternoon Comics to sell the hard copies all the time.

The dates for each issue in 2021 are March, May, July, September and November. Issue #6 is the start of the second book in the trilogy and debuts in January 2022. You are not going to want to miss a single issue.

Next year, we have a science-fiction and surrealist comic book series planned. Look for details as 2021 progresses.

Little is really known about our villains, the Benders. A lot of cockamamie stories erupted about them at one time, but I got to the root of what these skunks were all about. Were? They’re still out there, so I should be careful.  But, what the heck, let ’em come after me. I ain’t afraid o’ nobody.These twisted polecats created the greatest crime syndicate in the country, and wreaked havoc all over. This is their story, untold until now. Everyone was afraid ta tell it. Then I came along. I’m probably nuts for even breathin’ any of this, but ya only live once, dont ya?By the end of this issue, you’ll be wantin’ ta form a posse and go after ’em. They should be easy ta find…but they’re not. You’ll find out why, and it’ll make ya sick ta your stomach, I tell ya.